The Old Adobe Parent Teacher Organization has spent the last two years working on bringing a track to the school.  The track was completed in October and the kids are using it every day.  The PTO funded this project and so is now raising funds to offset the cost of the track so that they can maintain all the other things they provide for the students.  The things funded through the PTO are fields trips, school activities, art supplies, library programs and materials, and many other things.  If you would like to donate you can use the link here or contact the Old Adobe PTO. 

The PTO invites donations to this project.  Though the track is complete the PTO is accepting donations to offset the cost of the track project so they can maintain all the other PTO funded programs.

Thank you for your generosity as students will enjoy this track for years to come.

 Here is a link where you can learn how to donate to the track project.

OAE track


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